The Meaning of Dreams Kit


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It has long been thought that the contenet of a person's dreams is intrinsically linked to their thoughts, ideas and desires. By interpreting your dreams and accessing your subconscious, you can learn to master both your waking and sleeping hours in order to achieve a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

This Kit Contains:
The Meaning of Dreams Book - Learn about the significance of symbols and images, look up common themes and unlock the hidden mysteries of your dreams with The Meaning of Dreams Book. You can also use the space provided to record and reflect on noteworthy dreams.

The dreamcatcher - For centuries, ancient American cultures have believed in the power of the dreamcatcher to filter out bad dreams and nightmares. The dreamcatcher is designed to hang over your bed, where any bad dreams will be trapped in the woven web while positive meaningful thoughts will pass through and enter your dreams.

Box Set includes:
32 page book with dream definitions and space to record your dreams, plus a stunning dreamcatcher

ISBN: 9781488906121