After Tarot Kit

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Corrine Kenner; Pietro Alligo; Giulia Massaglia
What will happen to the Arcana you know, one moment in the future?

Most of us are all familiar with Tarot card images. They've become part of our collective wisdom - snapshots in time, frozen in place,permanent and unchanging. But the river of time is constantly flowing, and the tarot cards we're used to seeing don't tell the whole story.

The Fool doesn't stand on the cliff forever!

What if you could see beyond the here and now - a glimpse of the future?
That's what Tarot is all about, after all.
What if you could know what happens to the Fool a few seconds after he steps off the cliff?
And What if you could step into that future yourself? Now you can.

Welcome to a new look at Tarot, where you're free to wander - and wonder - about what might have been and what is still to be.

Welcome to the After Tarot