Ascension to Paradise Set

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Jane Toerien; Joyce van Dobben
In this sequel to the successful set of Bird Cards: The Healing Power of the Bird Kindgom, which was also published in Dutch, German and French editions, Jane Toerien again reveals to us the subtle power of the bird kingdom. Birds offer much more to the planet than simply their beauty and song, and this new set reveals more of their mystical and transformational power. The characteristic energies of a further 66 birds from around the world are described, each bird coming alive visually with Joyce van Dobben's beautiful and symbolic illustrations. The cards and accompanying book are a powerful tool that can help us to connect with a higher expression of ourselves and offer a helping hand in our own aspiring flight to paradise. The set can be used together with the previous set or independently.

Set Includes:
* 66 Bird Cards artistically represented by Joyce van Dobben
* A book in which Jane Toerien explains how the cards can be used and their symbolic meaning.