Interview with Your Self

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Mercedes Tur Escriva
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Preloved; like new, title cover slightly dented; barely noticeable.

Be Inner-Wise, Resolve Life's Problems Allowing Your Inner-wise Self to Guide Your Life

Getting in touch with your wise self can be the most empowering experience one can have. You hold the key to unlock the solution to your problems; you know exactly what to do. Stop looking for what you already know and trust yourself. You will learn how to:

- Get clear even in times of adversity.

- Be true to yourself and trust your inner guide.

- Understand how your thinking and ideas are obstructing your vision.

- Bring out your light so that you can assist those around you honoring their truth.

- Release programmed responses.

- Learn tips to keep and nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Interview with Your Self explores concepts of spirituality and self-development. It presents the reader with a series of questions to stimulate their self-examination and how you relate to the beliefs and ideas you hold. Do they empower or disempower you? You can achieve all that you wish by connecting to your inner-wise self.

Paperback; 110pp.

Approx: 15.24 x 0.81 x 22.86 cm