Sacred Magic

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William Alexander Oribello
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Pre-Loved; Back Page Has a small brown spot like mark that has bled onto the back cover; Back corner is creased from being turned.


Now you can discover the power of these occult secrets that are thousands of years old!

Here is forbidden knowledge that was originally applied by Moses, the Three Wise Men and Jesus.

As we approach the threshold of a New Age, humandkind still finds itself searching for practical answers to life's many problems.  The author - who has been a notable researcher and teacher in Spiritual Science for nearly three decades - offers well-tested techniques that can be applied by anyone wishing to improve his or her life. 

In the pages of this magical book, you will learn how to release the awesome power of your inner-self to - 

  • Be prosperous, regardles of conditions around you by applying the Seven Great Money Secrets.
  • Develop your Psychic Powers in a safe and powerful manner by Unlocking the Secrets of Nature.
  • Know and apply the hidden secrets to be found within Colors, Stones and Candles, as well as the Power of the Spoken Word

You will also learn how to use a magic mirror to look into the future as well as how to find your individual lucky numbers to win at games of chance and bring you all that you desire.

The principles taught in this book are not of the devil, but are based entirely upon God's word as handed down by the true Masters of all time.

Paperback; 95pp.

Booklet Published - 1984