The Healing Craft

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Janet & Stewart Farrar
Gavin Bone
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Healing Practices for Witches and Pagans

The Healing Craft is the first work of it's kind aimed toward the Pagan market. Although directed at those seeking to use the healing arts from a purely Pagan perspective, it will be useful to any who are interested in complementary therapies. Written with this in mind, The Healing Craft is both academic and practical, combining chapters on the necessary information required to be a healer (e.g. chapters on the physical and spiritual body) with several chapters designed to increase the reader's skills in several different healing techniques. All the chapters bring together both the orthodox medical viewpoint with that of the complementary therapist.

Included within the book are chapters on Spiritual Healing, Massage and Aromatherapy, Shamanistic and Magical Practices, Counselling (with Tarot and Past Life Regression) plus a chapter on Last Rites. Obviously it is impossible to do justice to many of these subjects in a single chapter, so they have been written to guide the reader to what they will need to learn to heal others effectively, while offering basic practical skills. This makes The Healing Craft an invaluable guide to those seeking to practice healing from a holistic pagan viewpoint.

Paperback; 268pp.