Witch in the Boardroom: Proven Business Magic

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Must cutthroat tactics and backstabbing be synonymous with “getting ahead?” Does success in the corporate world equal spiritless, energy-draining drudgery? Successful business leader and experienced Witch Stacey Demarco, insists that spirituality and business are not mutually exclusive. Combining Wiccan principles with down-to-earth business techniques, Witch in the Boardroom demonstrates how to rejuvenate your career and your spiritual life.

Demarco illustrates how to achieve material and spiritual fulfillment in the workplace by applying Witchcraft laws, spellworking, and magical thinking. Inspiring stories from the author's own case studies confirm the potency of the rituals and spells outlined in this Wiccan-based guide to business success.

Published 08 Oct 2005

Paperback 288 pp