I Ching - The Ancient Book of Chinese Wisdom for Divining the Future

Macmillan Publishers

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Chris Marshall
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Pre-Loved - Rare & Out of Print

Barely Used; Shows signs of age - inside cover has yellow spotting; otherwise in very good condition.

I Ching, the Ancient Chinese art of divination, has been the most popular form of fortune telling in China since around 1,000 B.C. and has as much relevance in our lives today as ever. Everyday we have to make many decisions at various levels, about work, home and personal relationships. Some decisions are easy to make, others require a lot of soul searching, while to some questions there are no straight answers and we find ourselves going round in circles. The I Ching helps to clear your mind and gives a new perspective to the problem or decision at hand.

To use I Ching - 3 coins are thrown 6 times.

Based on whether they fall 'heads or tails' up, a chart is consulted to give two lots of three lines or trigrams. These two trigrams form a hexagram. The hexagram is then interpreted to help you resolve the problem.  The special split trigram cards are a unique way of presenting the trigrams, and the spiral binding ensures you can quickly and easily access the hexagram you have thrown without having to flick through the whole book.

This version is a practical, contemporary interpretation of the original which applies itself to the sort of modern day decision-making we all need to undertake on a regular basis. It also gives invaluable insights into troubling personal problems. With its own set of authentic Chinese coins, complete and comprehensive interpretations and full instructions on how to use the I Ching, this book. is an invaluable aid to help you learn about yourself and cope with the pressures of living in today's world.

A complete easy-to-use kit containing 3 chinese oracle coins

Published - January 1994