Power Animal Tarot

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Gayan Silvie Winter
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Power Animals connect your soul with the universe. Every animal has very special powers: encouraging powers, powers instilling patience, powers demanding vision. They symbolize gifts and talents residing in every human being, too.

The images and texts draw our attention to these powers, support the questioner, offer help and solutions. Many civilizations have attributed special powers to certain animals. The bear, for instance, was the favorite power animal of Artemis, the Greek hunting goddess.

Digitally enhanced photographic portraits of animals distinguish this tarot deck.
Booklet explains tarot associations for each card.

78 cards - 70 x 120 mm with instructions;

- cards & instruction booklet in 4 languages: english, french, spanish, german

Boxed set measures - 12.65 x 8.79 x 3.4 cm