The Victorian Romantic Tarot - 4th Edition, The Lovers Set

Baba Studio

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Karen Mahony
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Voted deck of the year 2006 at Aeclectic Tarot Forum

The Victorian Romantic Tarot has, since its original publication become one of the most well-loved and used tarot decks, establishing a reputation for its readability and depth.  

This is the fourth (and probably final) edition with metallic overlay in many shades. This is the standard "open" edition so could in theory be reprinted.

Designed by hand, so that it's subtle enough to suit the theme but still adds a touch of glamour.  

  • Includes two Emperor Cards, two Devil Cards, and two Lovers cards
  • An authentic re-working of 19th century art.  Many readers find the cards particularly good for looking at a range of relationship issues, as the pictures are narrative and really do "tell a story", making them ideal for intuitive readings.
  • This deck is being issued in a small run and will NOT be distributed by mass-market distributors such as Amazon.
  • The cold-stamping is more prominent than it was in the previous edition and the back is a new design. 
  • Comes in a beautiful hinged wooden box. Made in Czech Republic by a specialist workshop
  • Fully Illustrated - 78 cards plus title card and one extra, that follow the popular Rider Waite Smith Tarot structure, so they are easy to read "out of the box"
  • They measure approximately - 128 x 78 mm (about 5 x 3 inches)
  •  Printed on 330 gram European playing-card stock with an inner core to protect against bending and folding.
  • Gorgeous, carefully designed metallic overlays (these are actually printed on the card UNDER the other inks and varnish) - this gives the impression of metalllics in various colours so is spectacular.
  • Printed in Europe and cut by a traditional method.

The Lovers, limited edition, Tarot bag

  • Printed individually by Baba Studio, the print is absolutely fast and won't fade, run or otherwise deteriorate in normal use, so you will be able to enjoy it for years. 
  • Combined with a high quality red silk velvet that compliments the images beautifully.  
  • Fully lined in a toning silk-mix fabric for a little extra touch of luxury.
  • Hand-made, with metallic stitching on the bag top.
  • Chunky Czech glass bead finals on the double-drawstring cords.
  • Limited edition label, in gold and red for a touch of added cachet. 
  • Measures approximately 140 x 203 mm (5.5 x 8 inches), these are a really useful size and if you want to store tarot in them they are large enought to use for even the most over-sized cards.  
  • The bag can be used for your tarot, oracle or playing cards, as a jewellery holder, or for whatever you choose.

The detailed and engaging companion book -

  • Slightly updated to reflect the new imagery. 
  • Keywords and descriptions for each card
  • Discussion about the Major Arcana, the four suits and the Court cards.
  • Sections on tarot history, reading approaches and sample spreads
  • 212 pages with colour and black and white illustrations.  All the card illustrations are in colour. 

Published - 2022

This 4th Editon Set includes

- 78 cards plus title card & one extra in wooden box

- Full Sized Guidebook

- Limited Edition, 'The Lovers' Tarot Bag