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Tons of Luck
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Tons of Luck ~ Numbered, Limited Edition Tarot & Oracle Deck

These adorable numbered, limited edition Tarot and Oracle decks will bring you joy even when bad news arrives. This is a perfect beginners deck for a young child. Help them see the difference archetypes, stages, and daily dealing of life in a light, enjoyable way.

Tons of Luck Tarot & Oracle features several cartoon figures and all the cards are in lovely pink color theme. This unique tarot deck is appropriate for all ages, especially for those who collect pink.

The decks are professionally printed in full color with reversible backs.

Complete 78 card deck, including the full Major and Minor Arcana + 17 oracle cards - 6 x 10cm (2.4 x 3.9 inches)

Card Stock: a matt-coated 350GSM card stock

95 Cards Deck in a Numbered, Box Set in a sealed tuck box.

78 Tarot Cards (22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana)
+ 17 Oracle Cards