Enchanted Oracle Set


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Jessica Galbreth
Text by:
Barbara Moore
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Seek your destiny through trailing vines and gnarled trees in a secret realm rich with myth and magic...Enter an enchanted world filled with fairies, goddesses, and sorceresses; a magical world of possibility and power; a world in which you can weave your future.

Featuring hauntingly beautiful fairy imagery by renowned fantasy artist Jessica Galbreth and insightful instruction from acclaimed tarot author Barbara Moore, the Enchanted Oracle presents:

  • A stunning 36-card oracle deck featuring Jessica Galbreth's original watercolor artwork
  • A whimsical silver pouch in which to keep the oracle cards when not in use
  • A fabulous fairy pendant that can be used as a pendulum and enchanted charm
  • A lyrical and lovely 240-page guidebook by Barbara Moore that presents a variety of ways to work with oracle wisdom, including spells, enchantments, and journaling.

Boxed set measures - 15.49 x 4.32 x 20.83 cm