Inner Child Cards Set - New Edition

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Isha Lerner; Mark Lerner
Illustrations by:
Christopher Guilfoil

A revised edition of a bestselling divination system which reawakens the child in all of us by gently helping us to interact with the world's most potent archetypes.

The authors assign an archetypal childhood story to each image in this traditional tarot deck. For example, Cinderella becomes "The Moon", a card traditionally associated with the power of dreams and visions. Little Red Riding Hood becomes the innocent "Fool", and the Big Bad Wold becomes "The Devil".

The whimsical art of this deck is designed to awaken dormant emotional memory that has been trapped in long-forgotten childhood stories, allowing access to the soul's own personal truth.

This set contains seventy-eight full colour cards and a 320 page book with 84 black and white illustrations.