7 Days To A Magickal You

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Fiona Horne

Pre-Loved, Great Condition.

7 days to a magical new you is a simple, inspiring guide to modern witchcraft by the bestselling author of Witch: A Personal Journey, Witch: A Magickal Year and Life's a Witch! It is a fun, funky, accessible guide to Witchcraft for people who don't necessarily want to be full blown 'Witches' but are drawn to the colour and creativity of the Craft and are inspired to enjoy the magick in life. A day-by-day guide to giving novices a grasp of basic Witchcraft, and generally enhancing a massively magickal sense of self!

A little book to appeal to those with a sense of fun and adventure by a committed modern Witch and bestselling Author.

Paperback; 150pp