A Little Book of Living Spirituality

Boolarong Press

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Mary Mageau
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This is a simple little book - one to take up and dip into during moments of free time.  It is a book that presents a selection of inspirational articles, stories, spiritual practices, poems and prayers.  It is hoped that these can helpus to cultivate the many precious gifts that make our lives so worthwhile: deep inner peace, fulfilling relationshps, abundant joy, good health and a loving heart. 

This is a gentle little book - filled with ideas and suggestions on how to live a spiritually focused life while remaining fully in and of the world.  By embracing this new way of living we will balance and integrate the scred and the secular, with the spiritual and the material.  By healing back into unity within ourselves, with all creation and with one another, we will genuinely reflect the resonance of the divine that exists within each of us. 

Paperback; 85 pp