Postcards from the Other Side

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Michell & Ezio De Angelis
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This book has been stored; pages have yellowed slightly with age. 

Published 2012

What happens when someone dies? Does the way they die impact their experience of life after death? Can they still communicate with us? Do they continue to take an interest in our lives? Can they experience our love? Celebrated psychic mediums Ezio and Michelle answer many of the unanswered questions we have about the afterlife. Meet T.J., tragically murdered at sixteen, who describes his death and journey into the spirit world. Read about Renee, whose yet-to-be-born nephew showed up during a reading to choose his own name, and Janet who tells of her reconciliation with her brother Tony, who died in a car accident. These and other remarkable stories from everyday people provide countless insights that help us beyond the terrible sense of loss and unanswered questions we face when we lose someone we love. An honest, reassuring book for anyone who wants to know more about life after death.


222 pp