The Parables of Kryon

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Lee Carrol
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First Printing

1996 edition

The Parables of Kryon is a book by Lee Carroll, bestselling author of the Kryon book series that includes: Kryon: Don't Think Like a Human Kryon: The End Times, Kryon: Alchemy of the Human Spirit, and many other books and tapes.

A parable is a simple story used to illustrate a lesson or moral. In The Parables of Kryon, the story relates to individual human beings and how they react in specific circumstances, showing how they are filled with penetrating insights. As soon as you read one of these wonderful stories, you will be hooked as you recognize yourself and your own situations in the parable.

Hard-cover book, with dust jacket;

161 pp

Last 2 pages of the book - have been torn near the bottom of the page.   The book is Otherwise is good condition.