Your Body Speaks Your Mind (3CD)

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Deb Shapiro
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What Are Your Symptoms and Illnesses Telling You?

Our bodies are constantly sending us messages. Are you paying attention?

On Your Body Speaks Your Mind, Deb Shapiro shows you how mastering the language of your symptoms will dramatically increase your potential for healing.

On this enlightening program, you will discover the intricate link between feelings and thoughts and specific parts of your body, and how unresolved psycho-emotional issues can affect your physical health. Your Body Speaks Your Mind guides you through your internal messaging system, including:

  • Steps you can take to heal your body with your mind, and vice versa
  • A top-to-bottom body scan so you can hear and respond to the messages from each of your physiological systems your mind, and vice versa
  • Talking with your body—a 25-minute guided practice that enables you to dialogue with your symptoms and illness

By learning the body’s language of symptoms, explains Deb Shapiro, you will actively engage in an intimate two-way communication that affects both your physical state and your mental and emotional health. With this original audio adaptation of her bestseller Your Body Speaks Your Mind, she shows you how to access this powerful dialogue to decode the priceless information your body is giving you.

3 CDs (3 hours, 7 minutes)