Isis Lotus Oracle: Ancient Egyptian Divination & Magick Cards

Isis Mystery School

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Elisabeth Jensen
Helen Blake
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Super Rare 

Channelled by psychic medium, Elisabeth Jensen (Founder of the Isis Mystery School).  Your Isis Lotus Oracle carries great sacred energy and is a potent source of wisdom giving you the ability to tap into your future and modify it using simple magickal means. 

The Sacred Intuitive Artwork of Helen Blake will help you invoke the divinities of Ancient Egypt.  The photographs, taken during Elisabeth's Sacred Journeys to Egypt hold immense energy.  These unique cards have been designed to give you a pictorial representation of your current or future life situation.  Like the sacred art and Hieroglyphic writings of Ancient Egypt, there are hidden messages in them that can only be accessed by meditation, contemplation and appropriate Magickal Action.

The Divine Feminine Energy of Isis, The Goddess of Magic, Healing and Spells, protects these cards and will ensure you a safe passage in this life and the next. 

34 cards with Guidebook