The Tree of Life Oracle: Use the Sacred Wisdom of the Kabbalah to Enrich Your Life.

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Cherry Gilchrist & Gil Zur

The Tree of Life Oracle is a divination system based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life - a map of creation which goes back at least 1,000 years in the Jewish mystical tradition. The Kabbalistic Tree has always been used as a path to kwledge, and is associated with the sacred Hebrew alphabet and with astrology.

These three elements - the Tree of Life, the 22 Hebrew letters and the Astrological signs and planets - are combined in this divination system of 57 cards and a layout cloth, through which questions can be posed and illumination received. Discover how the ancient tradition of the Kabbalah can reveal solutions to everyday dilemmas in this easy-to-use oracle.

The accompanying illustrated book offers a brief introduction to the Tree of Life itself, an explanation of the 57 cards and the layout cloth, together with a step-by-step guide to laying out and reading the cards.

This kit is new.  Cards are unused and in original packaging. Outer Box is a little wrinkled on the front left side

57 cards with illustrated guidebook, & cloth

ISBN: 9781859060919