The Way of the Cartouche: An Oracle of Ancient Egyptian Magic - Book & Cards Set

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Murry Hope

Book - 207 pp ,14.3 x 21.5 cm. 

Deck - 25 cards - 85 x 145 millimeters - Unused

Original Box Missing - Deck Jacket Cover has wear from being stored - Refer to Pictures

Angus & Robertson Publishers Copyright 1985 - Refer to Pictures

This is the deluxe version of Cartouche Cards.  The book is a useful introduction to Egyptian symbolism. It clearly explains each of the 25 cards, both upright and reversed.

The first ten cards is the major arcana - Osiris, Isis, Horus, Bast, Thoth, Nephthys, Hathor, Ptah, Anubis and Set. These ten cards have hieroglyphics in the upper right hand corner. The minor arcana are represented by the remaining fifteen cards.

All of the symbols are authentic representations of ancient art and drawings, and the meanings of the cards correspond to the arcane sacred writings. 

Back of card: Two identical columns of hieroglyphs, one up, one down, so the card can be inverted. On a parchment background.

Book & Deck New, Though Deck cover has wear from being stored.