The Shaman's Quest : Journeys in an Ancient Spiritual Practice

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Nevill Drury

This is a Pre-Loved Book - the Book cover & Title Page is creased; Otherwise in great condition with few to no marks on the pages.

The Shaman's Quest by Nevill Drury

This intriguing, original narrative recounts the spiritual journeys of four shamans, from their first calling through initiation and training, into their roles as leaders and healers in their communities -- in the arctic snows of Canada, the central Australian desert, the sacred mountains of Japan, and the forests of South America. These four shamans together undertake a special journey to the mythic center of the world, where they will bear witness to the healing of the earth.

Readers new to shamanic stories and practices will enjoy Tom Cowan's basic introduction to the concepts of shamanism practiced by indigenous shamans around the world and portrayed with such beautiful accuracy in Drury's text. Cowan describes the shamanic journey, and explains the shaman's cosmology of Upper, Middle, and Lower Worlds that is central to this visionary practice.The ideal introduction to an ancient spiritual practice -- very much alive today.

208 pp