Silver RavenWolf's White Witch Kit

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Silver RavenWolf

1st Edition

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Perfect Condition. A rare find. 

Now you can be a practising White Witch.  Here is everything the novice spell-caster needs to practice the Craft of The Wise―and be a force for good. Step into the sacred space and discover the secrets of one of the world's oldest mysteries: the art and science of white magick, a gentle, loving practice.

  • Practise meditations, chants and spell-casting rituals
  • Follow Silver's spells, or learn how to write your own
  • Discover the white magick code of honour
  • Create your own altar for magick
  • Includes over 40 rituals and spells

The kit contains a beautifully illustrated book of instruction, plus six magickal talismans including a - Yes/No Coin, magick wish cord, golden money charm, sea salt, pentacle pendant,  silver bell, quartz crystal,  and a spell bag. The kit box converts into your own personal altar.