The Astrology Kit

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Grant Lewi
Liz Greene

The Astrology Kit contains everything you need to cast detailed horoscopes in ten to fifteen minutes - without any study or knowledge of astrological principles and calculations.  Open this box, follow the step-by-step instructions and simply: 

  1. Find the Birthdate in the Tables of Years Book
  2. Plot the positions of the planets on the Zodiac Wheel
  3. Record all the planetary aspects on the Notepad
  4. Locate the horoscope paragraphs by their numbers
  5. Consult the Book of Horoscope Readings

It's fun, fast and amazingly accurate!  You can now cast detailed and sophisticated horoscopes which are surprisingly revealing about personality and behaviour!

Try it on yourself, your family and friends!

Included in Pack: Astrology Wheel, Book/s 1,2, & 3 and a neat pencil for recording all your wonderful information.

Box is very worn on corners, Books and Wheel are unused. Vintage.