The Ghost Writer

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Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are metaphysical experts who continually find original, profound, and fun ways to help us reach our full potential. 

The Ghost Writer: Automatic Writing Kit is their newest invention, and with it they once again share their secrets for initiating communication with the psychic universe. Thanks to a specially designed planchette, it actually allows information to stream right from the spirit world and through our fingertips. This technique, known as automatic writing or trance drawing, is a well-known vehicle for channeling books, art, and music; interpreting dreams; unblocking memories; and solving our most pressing problems.

The beautifully designed kit includes the planchette, a Ouija-like indicator that’s designed to hold the special pen and move easily when obtaining a message.

There’s also a 48-page instruction book, gorgeously illustrated by Amy, along with artist Elizabeth Williams.