The Romance of Atlantis

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Taylor Caldwell with Jess Stearn
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This pre-loved book pages are browned from age. It has a bookstamp on the interior front page and some liquid paper, with liquid paper covering the price on the back.  The Front Cover has some creasing. None of the corners have been turned so the novel itself is in good condition with all pages present. 

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Bestseller - THE ROMANCE OF ATLANTIS brings to life all the dazzling splendor of that lost kingdom. However, Atlantis is threatened by powerful neighboring states.

Tension increases when the ruler of an adjacent kingdom bids to marry the empress. If she marries him, Atlantis would be safe from invasion. Yet, such a marriage contradicts the deepest feelings of her heart, the secret wisdom of her lineage, and her sacred trust as queen.

We will not spoil your enjoyment of this novel by telling the conclusion!

Printed by Fontana Books in 1976