In Focus Tarot: Your Personal Guide

By Steven Bright; 

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The Tarot can be many things to many different people, and the way it is accessed is personal to each individual. For some, it is a reflective tool, offering advice when needed; while for others, it is a friend, providing guidance and direction when asked. Whether an absolute beginner or advanced practitioner, In Focus Tarot covers everything needed to interpret the foretelling cards, all by tarot teacher, expert, and professional reader Steven Bright. After mastering each card in Major and Minor Arcanas and learning how to work with these tarot cards, Bright explains both personal-favourite and popular card spreads. Allow the cards to unlock your deepest feelings, confront your fears, and tap into potential opportunities in your life's path.

Includes an 18 x 24 inch wall chart.

ISBN: 9781577151791