Instant Tarot

By Amy Zerner;  Monte Farber; 

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Read Tarot Predictions in Minutes with Instant Tarot!!

Finally, the mysteries of the tarot are unveiled for beginners and experts alike with nothin to memorize. Insightful, easy to use, and fun, Instant tarot enables anyone to read virtually any tarot deck. Best-selling authors Monte Farber and Amy Zerner's unique system is presented in this clearly organised text that interprets every card in each of the eleven meaning-specific positions of the Celtic Cross spread. Just lay the cards out, noting the number of the position in which the cards appears, and Istant Tarot tells you right where to look to discover its meaning.

The authors provide a quick-read guide and sample questions the can be easily personalised. Also included are quick one-card and three-card readings. With detailed instructions, sample questions, and helpful diagram, readers can easily navigate the book to get revealing, inspiring answers to questions about love, money, career - everything! It's great for parties, small group of friends, and especially to use on your own to help youbetter understand your own inner voice and its ability to direct you.

This unique, do-it-yourself method:

*Works with virtually and Tarot deck
*Interprets every card, in every position
*Provides sample questions you can easily personalise
*From the authors of the accaimed Enchanted Tarot

ISBN: 9781578636174