Tarot of the Moors

By Gina G Thies; 

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Fascinating. Picturesque. Timeless. This Tarotdeck satisfies the need for cultural diversity in the Tarot tradition as itconveys the cultural enrichment that thrived in an atmosphere of tolerance inMoorish Spain. Viewed through the lens of a professional Tarot reader andartist, Tarot of the Moors is visually stimulating and refreshing formodern enthusiasts as it captures the symbolism of Tarot in an accessible,infectious way, drawing the user into a world of symbolic richness. Thiselegant pack comes complete with 78 attractive, vibrant cards and a guidebookthat teaches Tarot reading methods with compelling card interpretations andkeywords. The book is a historical saga full of traditional Tarot wisdom, andincludes unique court card ranks and spreads. Additionally, Hebrew letters,astrological signs, elements, and the cards esoteric titles are also presented.This deck is appropriate for practitioners at all levels and provideseverything needed to give insightful readings.

ISBN: 9780764356094