Tarot - Mirror of the Soul Set

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Gerd B. Ziegler
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Gerd B. Ziegler's Tarot - Mirror of the Soul, first written in 1985, is the first ever handbook on the Crowley Tarot.It was translated into fourteen languages and is the most read Tarot book worldwide.

As a modern classic of Tarot literature it has remained fully topical up to this very day.

The letters of thanks the author has received from all over the world impressively testify to the quality and vitality of Ziegler's books. Wherein lies his secret? Discover it yourself!

"The Tarot pictures mirror the images of our soul. The longer we look into this mirror, the more we discover about ourselves and our life." Gerd B. Ziegler

Published: AGM-Urania 2006/2017 

78 original Aleister Crowley Tarot Cards - 70 x 110 mm - with 216 pp full colored book.