Fortune Telling With Tarot Cards

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Stuart R. Kaplan

Pages have yellowed slightly over time; the cover has marks from price stickers; 

In this concise and fully illustrated guide to the 1JJ Tarot deck the powers of the Tarot are revealed and explained, bringing the art of fortune-telling within the reach of everyone.

Stuart R. Kaplan provides an easy-to-follow introduction to reading the cards, with useful information on the meaning of reversed cards and the symbolism contained within the Tarot deck. He gives full interpretations for all the Major and Minor Arcana cards and explains several sample spreads, thus enabling even the complete beginner to start 'reading' straight away. 

This book is an invaluable aid to anyone who wishes to learn more about the Tarot and how the cards can provide and insight into what the future may hold. 

96 pp

Published 1997