Simply Tarot Book & Gift Set

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Rolf Eichelmann - New Century Tarot Deck
Leanna Greenaway - Simply Tarot Book

Rare & Out of Print

Consulting the Tarot can provide hope and inspiration, foretell events that may come to pass, and impart enlightenment about any subject. But you don't have to be a professional, or psychic, to use this timeless divination source. Even beginners will be able to accurately interpret what these amazing cards can reveal. In addition to both traditional points and modern explanations for ways to lay out the Tarot, plus tips and techniques for conducting readings for others.

You'll find everything you need to answer every question in this unique gift set:

  • 78 richly illustrated, full-color Tarot cards 
  • Protective cloth wrap for your deck
  • 160-page, all-in-color Simply Tarot instruction book