The Arthurian Tarot

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Caitlin & John Matthews
Illustrated by:
Miranda Gray

Pre-Loved; both book & cards look barely touched; all cards accounted for

The Arthurian Tarot represents the ultimate in Tarot design.  Steeped in the sheer unequalled magic of the legends, history and traditions of Arthurian Britain, these exceptional cards capture in 78 frames all the wonder and beauty of King Arthur’s realm.  Conceived and designed by Caitlin and John Matthews and beautifully executed by Miranda Gray, this original pack reveals the ancient traditions of the Arthurian Mysteries as a living mythos for creative visualization and personal transformation.

This exclusive pack comes complete with The Arthurian Tarot: A Hallowquest Handbook, a fully-illustrated guide to the divinatory and archetypal meanings of the cards – the 22 Greater Powers and the 56 Lesser Powers.  The suits of Sword, Spear, Grail and Stone, corresponding to the four elements of Western esoteric tradition as well as to the four seasons, empower the reader through the sacred quest for the Hallows.  The book also give original methods for reading and using the Tarot, including the Merlin’s Mirror and Excalibur spreads, with sample readings to show their practical significance.

Plastic clamshell box, 159 page illustrated book, + original 78 tarot card deck