The Mythical Creatures Oracle


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Sky Cybele
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Bring ancient wonder into your life with 44 colorful divination cards depicting creatures from mythologies around the world.

This fantastical bestiary draws upon myths and legends, past to present, bringing them to those who seek personal growth and transformation.

The creatures in this deck are relatable to everyday life: each one represents a type of person, a state of being, a problem, or a solution.

The comprehensive guidebook for this practical divination tool instructs readers how to see mythical creatures within people and situations, including within themselves. Learn to identify your mythical creature totem, cultivate personal strengths using mythical power animals, and banish negative monsters from your life.

The Mythical Creatures Oracle also serves as a fascinating resource for historical myths and legends and provides a focal point for transformative meditative exercises.

44 cards with guidebook - in hard box.

Box measures - 22.9 x 5.1 x 15.2 cm