The Tarot of Tales

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Melinda Lee Holm
Artwork by:
Rohan Daniel Eason
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A folk-tale inspired boxed set including a full deck of 78 specially commissioned tarot cards and a 176-page illustrated book

Folk tales have brought us invaluable lessons on life for thousands of years. With The Tarot of Tales, veteran tarot reader and author Melinda Lee Holm and illustrator Rohan Daniel Eason invite you into their magickal, inclusive world of art and prose where your readings become personalised fairy tales told by the cards in narrative form. 

The meaning of each card is told in five different ways – one for each of five possible positions given in the accompanying full-colour guidebook. Lay out the cards, find the corresponding passage for each card and position and link them together to read the tale told to you by the Tarot.

Presented in their own compact box for easy storage, the 78 cards of The Tarot of Tales are fully illustrated with no human figures, providing richly detailed scenes that depict the experience of moving through each card, allowing you to step inside your own personal storybook, one that changes to bring you the wisdom you need when you need it.

Tarot is a language: let it tell you your story. 

Published - February 2023

78 cards & Little Guidebook

Boxed set measures approximately - 19.5 x 12.5 x 6.5 cm