The Moon Oracle - Let the phases of the Moon guide your life

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Caroline Smith & John Astrop
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This original, easy-to-use divination system and practical introduction to lunar astrology allows you to align your life with the fluctuating rhythms of the moon and do in-depth, multilayered readings using a combination of lunar cards.

The deck includes 72 powerfully illustrated oracle cards featuring dramatic figurative and symbolic imagery representing the 8 phases of the moon (in each of the 4 astrological elements), 12 moon goddesses, and 28 moon mansions.

Consult the moon tables in the book to pinpoint the exact phase of the moon and astrological sign it appears in to shed light on the present state of your question, then refer to the suggested reading methods and detailed card interpretations for guidance on the best way to proceed.

Published - April 2018

72 lunar oracle cards & 128 page guidebook including Moon Phase Tables; 

Boxed Set measures - 15.2 x 5.1 x 21.6 cm

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