Anna.K Tarot

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A powerful tool for divination, the Anna.K Tarot is also a toll for learning to trust yourself. Lush with details and vivid colours, the cards reveal the true facets of life and evoke a deeper understanding of joy, hope, fear, and uncertainty. Clearly expressing real emotions, the characters speak directly to the heart and mind of the reader.

Created by Austrian artist Anna.K, this deck stays true to the Rider-Waite tradition but eliminates many of the esoteric symbols. The gorgeously rendered scenes are designed to illuminate the motivations of the heart and unmask the fears that keep us from our destinies.

The kit includes a companion book with an introduction to tarot practice, reading tips, card meanings, and spread ideas.

78 cards with companion book

Boxed set measures - 15.24 x 4.45 x 20.32 cm