Australian Wildlife Wisdom

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Trevor O'Sullivan & Susan O'Sullivan
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Australian Wildlife Wisdom guides readers to new understanding of animals and themselves. Learn about the unique behaviours of Australian animals and how their stories can inspire you! Australia is one of the most diverse animal habitats in the world.

Trevor and Susan OSullivan have taken the beauty of the Australian animal landscape and combined it with the spiritual messages these animals provide to create and stunning book-and-card set that educates as well as guides readers on how to lead a better life on earth.

Penned by two spiritual leaders, Australian Wildlife Wisdom gives a fascinating insight into what animals have to offer in the way of both their unique history and what they can teach humans about life.

The book focuses on 45 animals that are mostly indigenous to the Australian landscape. Featured animals include the Fairy Penguin, Quoll, Emu, Magpie, and the Green Tree Frog to name a few. Each animal in Australian Wildlife Wisdom is profiled to offer both historical information on the creature, as well as the animals specific spiritual message to humans.

45 unique cards featuring original artwork & instructional booklet