Divine Muses Spread Mat - Moon Magic


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Maree Bento
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Fabric with rubberized base for throwing tarot, oracle or Lenormand card layouts or use for casting charms or Runes. Smooth surface, non-slip bottom and rolls up for storage. 

Moon Magic Spread Cloth pictures: 18th century illustration of the Moon, and Jupiter & Saturn and their moons. There's also a diagram of Venus as she revolves around the Sun at the top of the mat. 

  • There was foxing on the original plate, which Maree left to keep the antique patina vibe. (Foxing is a type of age-related reddish-brown spotting found in antique books and other old paper documents.) Please keep this in mind when ordering this one. The mat was printed with the foxing! 
  • Antique linen / ivory (Color may vary from monitor to monitor.)

You can use these reading mats for tarot spreads, Lenormand layouts, charm casting, divination dice, altar cloths, and more!

​These mats are a gorgeous addition to any altars and distinguished reading spaces - I don’t quite know what the technical name is for the material but it is perfect for laying cards onto. It has a tactile weightiness, which allows you to move cards around easily, doesn’t rumple like fabric, is very easy to fan out and scoop up cards from. And its celestial atmosphere frames any spread beautifully. Works well for a 5 card “cross” spread (i.e can fit 3 cards high of most standard decks) and lengthwise can fit more. I’m very happy with this and hope that there are more on the way. — Roger W. about the Celestial Spheres mat.

Mat measures approximately  - 16" x 20" (40.6 x 50.8 cm)
Matt x 1 (crystal pictured above is not included.)