Pentakle Embroidered Tarot Cloth - Gold


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Handmade in Russia

Protective embroidered velvet tarot tablecloth for divination.


In many old textbooks of magic the pentacle is a symbol, providing protection and authority.

The "POWER OF LIGHT" pentagram, also called the white pentagram, is the main protective sign. A shield that reflects evil charms and magic, turning them to the source. Protects during magic practices without allowing dangerous limits to be exceeded. With the help of a pentagram it is possible to take unclean forces to their place and close them in a trap. Pentagram allows you to master and control supernatural forces.

The cloth isolates the deck of cards or Altar Tools from earthly energies and assists you in moving your mind to a higher dimension.

Embroidery of symbol is more durable than other ways.

Personal unique gift for fortuneteller or great as an Altar cover.

Fabric Velvet - Primary color: Black 
Embroidery - thread color: Gold

70 x 70 cm