Accurate Af Tarot Guidebook

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The Accurate AF Tarot guidebook provides foundational knowledge about the time-honored practice of Tarot, while helping you delve more deeply into learning and understanding the importance of numerology, visual symbolism and cosmic correspondences that are layered within the imagery of the cards.

To begin, learn basic ways to interact with, cleanse and utilise your tarot for self reflection and inquiry. Gain insight on the entire story of tarot, the Journey of the Fool, and understand how circular tarot cards are read with accuracy.

Start reading your cards with inspiration or direction from the guidance spreads provided, and learn the correspondence of numerology within the cards.

For more depth around the suits, there is explanations diving into the faculty and element of each suit along with descriptions of how they manifest as a whole.

Explore the 78 passageways of growth with dedicated pages for every card.

Major Arcana & Court cards are detailed with:

  • A full color page with visual notes to strengthen understanding of the imagery within the Accurate AF Tarot deck.
  • A mantra for embodying and integrating the lesson of the card.
  • Numeric, Elemental, Zodiacal, Planetary and Mineral correspondences for integrating layers of everyday life and cosmos into your tarot readings.
  • Keywords both upright and reversed for quick reference and reflection.
  • A basic yes/no answer for single card pulls.
  • Insightful and extensive reversal and upright meanings.

Minor Arcana cards are detailed with keywords both upright and reversed for quick reference and reflection, as well as insightful and extensive reversal and upright meanings.

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⊹ 15cm x 15cm square size

⊹ 180+ pages

⊹ Vegan + cruelty free

⊹ Gold gilded page edges

⊹ Gold Foiled front + back