BLAKE: Complete Writings

Oxford University Press

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Sir Geoffrey Keynes
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William Blake's highly distinctive mysticism and personal mythology lent his poetry an originality and visionary quality quite unique in his time.

Although neglected and even ridiculed during his life, & ignored after his death, Blake's contribution to the art and literature of his country is inestimable.  It was not until 1863, nearly 40 years after his death, that an interest in his life and work begn to grow, sparked off by the publication of Glichrist's influential biography.  Since then Blake has taken his rightful place as one of Britain's greatest poets.  His writing and illustrations have had a huge impact on the twentieth-century literature and art, notably the influence of his engravings on the development of art deco, and the inspiration his writing provided for the poets of the Beat Generation and Underground movement.

This definative edition, edited by Sir Geoffrey Keynes, contains all Blake's writings, including letters and notes, and the work is arranged as far as possible in chronological order.

(This edition includes almost all Blake's substantive variants with the exception of some in the exceptionally complex manuscript of Vala, or the Four Zoas.)

Published - Oxford University Press; 1972

1 x Paperback book; 944pp.

Book measures approximatley - 19.5 x 13 x 4.5 cm