Christopaganism: An Inclusive Path


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Joyce & River Higginbotham
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First Edition, first printing, 2009

Have you ever questioned the nature of religion? Would you like to explore more inclusive modes of spirituality? You are not alone. In this exciting age of religious diversity, more and more Pagans and Christians are incorporating each other's practices into their own belief systems. These intrepid believers are forging hybrid spiritual paths that borrow from both earth- and scripture-based religions, daring to defy the status quo of spirituality.

Everything you once knew about religion is about to change. Noted scholars Joyce and River Higginbotham invite you to participate in the fascinating dialogue surrounding the nature of faith and the evolving spiritual needs of our world. With balance and depth, the authors delve into the origins, ideologies, and common threads of Christianity and Paganism. This powerful book culminates in a series of compelling interviews with fifteen individuals who share ways in which they honor a unique blend of traditions, helping you to create your own rich and rewarding spiritual path.

Get ready to re-examine your beliefs and view spiritual practice in a new light. By reading this book on Christianity and Pagan ritual and opening the door to interspiritual experience, you will reach a deeper understanding of yourself--and cultivate a profound appreciation for the changing landscape of spirituality around you.

First Edition, first printing, 2009

Paperback book; 308pp