Crafting Magick with Pen and Ink


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Susan Pesznecker
Foreword by:
Richard Webster
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Learn to Write Stories, Spells and Other Magickal Works

  • Would you like to craft your own Book of Shadows?
  • Write a story?
  • Create Pagan rituals or Wiccan spells for special occasions?
  • & Ultimately infuse your writing with added beauty, style, and power?

Get your creativity flowing as you step into a boundless world where magick comes alive through the written word. Clear, step-by-step instructions will guide you through each phase of creating beautiful and powerful magickal works.

  • Drumming up ideas
  • Keeping a magickal journal
  • Freewriting
  • Choosing a composition form
  • Revising drafts to a refined polish

This book on magickal writing offers an array of exercises, tips and terms, and writing samples to help you craft stories, devotional poems, spells, chants, prayers, blessings, meditations, and rituals. By mastering the techniques in this book, your every word will crackle with energy, vibrancy, and true power.

"With the help of this book, your writing and magickal skills will expand and grow...You will be a true magickal writer."—Richard Webster, award-winning author of Write Your Own Magic

Published - April 2009

1 x Paperback book; 240pp.

Book measures approximately - 22.5 x 15 x 1.5 cm