It is Never Too Late

Triad Publishers

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Anne Goodall
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Who is there, who has not wondered what lies beyond death?

Here is a most unusual account of life 'on the other side'.  After his passing from this earthly plane, Mark begins to communicate with his wife Anne from beyond the veil. The resulting conversations will keep the reader enthralled, to say the least.

Excerpt:  "Death is not the closing of a door emblazoned with the words 'It is too late.' It is an open pathway to a greater understanding, forgiveness and an opportunity for a further and happier life - life here and life there.  Here and there are not even a breath apart and are inextricably bound together.  Death is just going through top the real life, something to look forward to. Death is really living.  In other words, life is death, and after death is the real living."

Paperback; 140pp