Let Go Now


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Karen Casey
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Embracing Detachment as a Path to Freedom

Daily lessons and meditations on how to detach from other people’s expectations and discover a life of balance and freedom.

When Let Go Now was first published nearly a decade ago, it felt like one of the most important of all the books I had ever written. And it still feels that way. Each and every one of the thoughts included in these pages continues to ring true.” ― from the new preface.

Learn what detachment is, how to practice it, and how it can change your life from a muchloved self-help author and trusted voice in the recovery community.

Through 200 meditations, Karen Casey teaches you how to let go of the illusion that you can control anyone or anything beyond yourself. You’ll learn how to find your own balance point and how to get to it whenever you find yourself tempted to become enmeshed in other people’s problems or to rescue them. This new edition features a new preface and a beautiful new cover design.

November 2019

Paperback Book; 256pp

Book measures approximately - 13.97 x 1.91 x 21.59 cm