Meetings in Moccasins

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Barbara Wittmann
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Leadership with wisdom and maturity

“It is an eye opener for younger people to realize who they are.”

— Grandmother Walking Thunder, Diné Medicine Woman

  • How do today’s managers meet the challenges of our time?
  • Which values sustain them in becoming true leaders?
  • And how do they manage to give their employees the space they need for their personal development, which will ultimately lead to success and to fulfilling the corporate vision?

In the metaphor of a chief and his tribe, we can find answers to the question of how to lead with wisdom and spiritual maturity on a modern path toward a healthy, powerful company that will achieve sustainable success.


• Part 1: The Chief: Balance Personified

• Part 2: The Corporate Wheel: Natural Growth Cycle

• Part 3: The Tribe: From Unruly Horde to Strong Team

Target audience:

• CEOs / Managers / Business leaders

• Project Managers / Teamleads / HR developers

• All employees who want to be part of a company with a vision that matches their personal goals and with a leadership team they can trust

Paperback; 225pp.

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