Sacred Journey Through the Mysteries of Healing

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Virginia Moffatt

Open up your mind and allow the words to flow.  Within the pages of this book, you will find words of truth that can dispel of the illusions that kept you in limitation.  Virginia takes you on a journey of self-discovery.

If you embark upon this journey you'll discover the mysteries that have been hidden from you and the society that you live in.  

Open up your hearts and your minds and you will receive wisdom of ages, as you journey through levels of awareness bringing together and revealing your fullest potential. 

A 12 week workshop taking you step by step through the disciplines required to attain true self awareness. 

  • Understanding the power of thought
  • Practical exercises in manifestation
  • Meditations for healing and relaxation
  • Learn about Auras and Chakras
  • Explore the five senses
  • Introduction to Numerology
  • Sacred Geometry and New Codings
  • Mother Earth and the cycles of life
  • Healing Power of the elements
  • Applying the elements to Feng Shui and health
  • How to us the Medicine Wheel for healing