The Alignment of the Universe: Messages From Other Worlds

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Victoria Cochrane
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On the 12/12/12 Mother Earth ascended into the Fifth Dimension and on the 21/12/12 she came into alignment with other planets in the universe.

Although the time of alignment has now passed, our sister planets and the Inter-Planetary Galactic Federation are still willing to pass on their knowledge, experience and wisdom in order to assist Earth to ascend and to avoid remaining in the Third Dimension indefinitely.

Channelled through Victoria Cochrane (M.Ed. Hons), this book answers many questions about life beyond Earth and the physical body.

The Masters of Light and members of the Inter-Planetary Galactic Federation, along with representatives from planetary high councils, introduce you to life on Earth's sister planets, Orion, Sirius and Arcturus. They also introduce you to the the brilliance of the consciousness of the Pleiadian Star Command and compare life on Earth to the primitive but peaceful life on the planet Tourous.

Factual and often hard-hitting, these messages explain how the universe was created, how Earth's sister planets have achieved and maintained an ascended state, the interactions humans have had with alien life in the past and how humans can now access universal knowledge to save their planet from destruction.

Published - 2020 (reprint)

1 x Paperback Book; 107 pp.

Book measures approximately - 22.8 x 15 x 1 cm