The Tarot Life Planner

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Lady Lorelei
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Change Your Destiny and Enrich Your Life

Discover the Tarot and learn how to use it to explore your emotions, reveal and plan for the future, manifest your desires and heighten your spiritual practice.

The Tarot Life Planner is an essential bible for every Tarot practitioner. With an in-depth introduction to each card in the deck to a full guide on using the cards for readings, meditation, manifestation and spell-work, it contains everything a beginner needs to know and plenty for an experienced practitioner to explore and incorporate into their practice. 

Each card entry includes information on how to interpret its appearance in a spread and exercises for working with that card individually to connect with and channel its unique energy. Then, building on that knowledge, Lady Lorelei will teach you how to use the cards to explore questions about the present and future in gradual and increasing complexity, with over 30 spreads accompanied by sample readings to help demonstrate how to interpret the cards in the context of a spread. With detailed guidance on how to seek answers for specific questions about your inner self, your priorities, career, love life and journey towards true happiness, anyone can become a master at reading the Tarot.

You will also discover how to deepen your spiritual practice using the Tarot with exercises, meditations and rituals that go beyond conventional readings. Learn how to use the Tarot to:

- Scry revelations from a single card

- Use the Tarot to guide your meditations

- Reveal your inner-self

- Engage in spiritual healing

- Find the daily affirmation you need

- Open yourself up to love

- Find your Heartmate

- Manifest the life you want

Beautifully illustrated with the classic Soprafino deck, this book can be used alongside whichever deck resonates with you.

This edition Published - 2022

Hardcover; 176pp.

Book measures approximately - 20 x 16 x 2 cm